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Honing and Sharpening Supplies and Services

We are devoted to sharpening and honing anything made of metal. Our background is in the metal and woodworking crafts and we sell what we use for our own projects. We carry only the finest sharpening products that will help you in your quest for The Perfect Edge.

Our Belgian whetstones are the finest natural stones in the world due to a unique geological makeup. The secret is the garnet content. The yellow coticule stones contain from 30% – 40% garnet and the blue stones contain 20% – 30% garnet. Garnet is harder than any steel and will sharpen high speed steels, stainless steels, and tool steels equally well. They cut steel fast!

Use these stones by applying water and raising an “abrasive milk” or slurry. A slurry stone or “cotigura” is helpful when raising the slurry.  The slurry does the sharpening. The stones do not have to be soaked like Japanese waterstones – simply wet the stone and start honing; add water as needed to keep the slurry the consistency of milk. The blue stones are 4000 grit and the yellow stones are 8000 grit.

The Belgian Hones are not porous like Norton, King, or Arkansas stones. They do not soak up water and do not load. “Loading” occurs when oil, metal, and stone particles fill up the surface of the stone and prevent further use. When you finish using a Belgian stone, just rinse and dry. That’s all there is to it! No special oils or cutting compounds, and no mess. Reactivate the dried slurry with water next time you hone.

We also carry the DMT® diamond stones. The large, continuous diamond Coarse 325 grit stones are what we use  to flatten the Belgian Hones. If you need to re-establish an edge on a blade, use the DMT Extra Fine 1200 grit stone.  DMT® stones are the flattest (+ or – .001″) and highest quality monocrystalline diamond stones on the market.

We carry a selection of Norton abrasive products which include the 8000/4000 waterstone, 1000/4000 waterstone, Norton Lapping Stone, and Norton Prep Stone, as well as a kit for honing engraver’s tools.

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